A great pair of shoes or a nice suit can get you noticed, but a gorgeous smile can get results… and you can wear it to the beach. It’s the most valuable accessory you can have and here’s why:

We all have a little bias in us whether we want to admit it or not – and studies have shown this to be true, especially when it comes to a healthy appearance and great teeth. There’s a little phenomenon known as the “halo effect”. No, it doesn’t mean you’re an angel. It’s a cognitive bias, and in relation to appearances, it means that humans perceive “attractive” people as healthier, more intelligent, and having better social attributes. It doesn’t mean it’s true; it’s just an unconscious perception that dates back to our caveman days.

Healthy-looking, spectacular teeth play an enormous roll in perception. People with a great smile have been shown to get better jobs, higher-paying jobs, and more social opportunities. The reality is: good teeth are not only the key to improving your smile and confidence but your potential as well. Investing in your teeth is investing in your life.


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A Brilliant Smile is Your Best Accessory

It’s been shown that people with better teeth get better jobs, better pay, and better social opportunities. Improving your smile can be as simple as whitening or adding veneers. But there are also other great options if you’re someone who needs a little more work to get a stellar smile.

What you will learn:

  • Statistics on bad teeth in relation to job and social opportunities
  • Available options for correcting crooked or gapped teeth
  • Options to remedy discolored or cracked teeth
  • Choices for filling voids from missing teeth
  • How to improve a “gummy” smile

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